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Hydrovac Services

Nelson Hydrovac Services
Icon Large Primary Hydrovac

Our hydrovac team travels statewide and beyond to perform both residential and commercial services. Using the Hydrovac’s pressurized water system we break up the ground while vacuuming the debris into our truck’s tank with minimal disruption to surrounding areas.

For the installation of utility lines, or for the excavation of areas near sensitive infrastructure like gas pipes or fiber optic cables, our Vac truck ensures unparalleled accuracy and safety throughout the project.

Our jetting operations are used for cleaning sanitary sewers, storm sewers and culverts. The strength of the water jet stream is able to cut through debris while keeping your pipes intact. Our trucks also have the capabilities of root cutting and removal.

Hydrovac Service Area

St. Cloud and all of Minnesota, including:

  • St. Cloud MN
  • Duluth MN
  • Princeton MN
  • Alexandria MN
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul MN
  • Rochester MN
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin
Check out the video below to see the Nelson Hydrovac Team in action!

Look to Neslon’s Hydrovac Team for:

When you’re ready, we are too. Get in touch with the Nelson team to schedule your hydrovac session today.

Nelson Sanitation & Rental can also perform pipeline inspection of sewer and sanitation drains using our CCTV televising camera. Get your vacuum excavation done right!

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